Camp Mastani Lake Camping Pune (Closed)

The Secret Urban Camping spot near Pune

Camp Mastani is a dream-turned-reality that we lived for a while. Camping near Pune was picking up well in years before the lock-down. We moved to Pune in 2017 and had visited almost every place close to Pune on weekends. Mastani Talaav is one of the places that we loved visiting again and again. Probably because it is so close, yet so far from the city chaos.
The serenity, the calmness, and the experience of being at a heritage site is so exhilarating, that we decided to set up a campsite right next to the lake! The purpose was never to earn money out of it. We just wanted people like us, who genuinely want to experience camping, bonfire, and adventure, to come and visit the place.
Over the years we managed to make Camp Mastani a destination for people willing to experience camping, in its purest form. No fancy luxuries, no loud music or activities that would disturb the ecosystem around...Most of our nights were spent around the bonfire, with guitars, stories that inspired everyone around, people brighter than the stars in the clear sky, and peace that we miss even today.
Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 breakout and the lockdown, we had to close down. Each one of us took up jobs to earn a living, and then life happened. But that's not the end! Things are now getting better, and we are still receiving calls for inquiries and bookings for camping near Pune. This lovely place simply doesn't want to fade away. What started with a spark wants to be explored, and we are now planning to revive Camp Mastani again!

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We are looking for partners

Camp Mastani is nestled within the serene farmland right next to Mastani talaav. We have had more than 1000 guests within a very short span, and we still keep receiving inquiries. We believe this place has immense potential for Camping or a Resort with a theme. The landowners, the Gaikwad family a very down-to-earth family have been very cooperative with us and want us to do something at the location, even today. Hence, we are now looking for partners/investors who understand the philosophy behind this business.

For more details, please call Kshitij Bongale at 7709268007.

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